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Our funding is truly catalytic: Intellegrow has been the first lender to more than 70% of our borrowers, and we have facilitated further business relationships with all of them. Learn more about our some of our porfolio companies through the links above.

IntelleGrow has already lent $8mn in 48 loans to more than 28 early stage companies, and our porfolio is growing rapidly.

IntelleGrow lends to small and growing businesses with positive social or environmental impact, across 6 sectors (agricultural supply chain, clean energy, education, financial inclusion, affordable healthcare, water & sanitation). In exceptional cases we may lend to businesses operating in other sectors.

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Agricultural Supply Chain

The agriculture sector in India is growing rapidly though still requires many supply chain improvements to meet local demand and achieve global benchmarks.

One of IntelleGrow's recent Agriculture Supply Chain investments includes:

Milk Mantra

COMPANY OBJECTIVE: Milk Mantra works to develop the best innovative packaging formats and dairy products for Indian consumers. With a loan from IntelleGrow, Milk Mantra's dairy processing plant in Gop is equipped with not only the latest processing technology, but the best available technology for packaging innovation. Innovating to increase access to quality projects, Milk Mantra rolled out a network of Milk Coolers in village networks and chill it quickly to ensure milk stays fresh.

FUNDING CHALLENGE: Milk Mantra required working capital to improve operations to advance its core product line and bring in the newest innovations in the dairy supply chain.

INTELLEGROW LOAN: The end result of our loan is that Milk Mantra can create new innovations to bring protein-rich milk to thousands more Indian consumers that would have otherwise been reached without capital loans for new production.


Clean energy

Over 40% of India's population does not have access to reliable and affordable energy services. IntelleGrow supports innovative energy enterprises that work to address this gap.

One of IntelleGrow's recent energy investments includes:


COMPANY OBJECTIVE: Orb Energy manufactures, assembles and retails solar water heaters and photovoltaic systems for domestic and commercial uses. The uniqueness of the company lies in the extensive branch network created to serve its customers.

FUNDING CHALLENGE: Orb needed working capital financing to address cash flow mismatches arising from a growing receivables book.

INTELLEGROW LOAN: Multiple loans from IntelleGrow at various stages were instrumental in shortening Orb's working capital gap, facilitating business growth.

"For us IntelleGrow stepped in and provided essential working capital at reasonable terms where other banks had been unwilling or wary to lend without extremely onerous conditions. We would welcome further lending from IntelleGrow." – Damian Miller, Orb Energy



Today in India, less than half of primary students finish school, and only 10% make it to college. To create new opportunity in the education system, IntelleGrow funds market-based education solutions to improve India's education outcomes.

One of IntelleGrow's recent education investments includes:

ThinkLABS Technosolutions

COMPANY OBJECTIVE: ThinkLABS is a venture by an IIT alumnus that provides hands-on learning to students in mathematics and science through robotics and science implements.

FUNDING CHALLENGE: The company needed a medium-term loan for meeting its cash flow gaps.

INTELLEGROW LOAN: In the interim period before it achieved break-even, the loan from IntelleGrow assisted the company in sustaining momentum.


Financial inclusion

Millions of Indian consumers lack access to basic financial services, inlcuding banking accounts, credit, and simple loans. In rural areas, lack of access to personal finance is a significant barrier to moving out of poverty. IntelleGrow's financial inclusion loans fund companies that are working to provide solutions to personal finance, from solar-powered ATM access to support products for the banking sector.

One of IntelleGrow's recent financial inclusion investments includes:

Electronic Payment and Services Private Limited (EPS)


COMPANY OBJECTIVE: EPS provides outsourced ATM and other retail channel services for the rapidly growing ATM network in India. It intends to provide cost effective banking and transaction related solutions to become one of the leading providers for the banking and retail terminals (ATM/POS).

FUNDING CHALLENGE: EPS required working capital funds to cater/service a large Ministry of Finance contract.

INTELLEGROW LOAN: An IntelleGrow loan initially proved to be a timely infusion and useful in funding the operating expenses before an equity raise and subsequently aids company to meet a part of its working capital requirements.


Affordable Healthcare

Expanding healthcare access is a critical priority for both the Indian government and the private sector, as rural communities lack health resources that are both high quality, convenient, and affordable. IntelleGrow's healthcare investments create large-scale opportunity for affordable health advancements.

One of IntelleGrow's recent affordable healthcare investements includes:

Bioserve Biotechnologies India


COMPANY OBJECTIVE: Bioserve Biotech provides genomics services to research labs within academia and industry, paving the way to accelerate drug discovery, molecular diagnostics, and food pathogen detection.

FUNDING CHALLENGE: Owing to the niche market and nature of services, the debt raising capacity of the company was limited.

INTELLEGROW LOAN: After understanding the cash flow patterns and the business context, IntelleGrow structured an equipment financing loan for the company against specific new business opportunities. This loan not only saved on company capital outlays, but also reduced its dependence on restricted client groups.


Water and Sanitation

Today in India, more than 60% of the population still lacks access to basic sanitation facilities, creating significant health and safety concerns across the nation -- and depriving millions of Indians of dignity. The water and sanitation sector is one of the fastest growing in India in the past five years, and IntelleGrow provides loans to water and sanitation companies that can provide these vital services.

One of IntelleGrow's recent water and sanitation investments includes:

Banka BioLoo


COMPANY OBJECTIVE: Banka BioLoo is a human waste management company, manufacturing bio-digesters, bio-tanks and bio-toilets. The company provides solutions to convert human waste into water and gas, advancing both environmental protection and human health by attempting to eradicate widespread open defecation.

CHALLENGE: Despite being profitable, the company was constrained by the fact that it was at an early stage of business with insufficient track record, hindering it from raising further debt from banks.

INTELLEGROW LOAN: IntelleGrow structured a transaction whereby working capital was unlocked towards execution of significant orders from the Indian Railways, replacing high cost debt.



On occasion, IntelleGrow responds to other opportunities outside of our core portfolio focus. In rare instances when a case is particularly compelling, IntelleGrow will explore funding a small and growing business that has promise for impact and positive financial return. Often, these companies make an impact in the area of improving livelihoods.

One of IntelleGrow's recent investments in this category includes:

Vindhya eInfomedia

Vindhya eInfomedia

COMPANY OBJECTIVE: Vindhya provides back-office voice-based transaction processing services to the banking, microfinance, information technology and other sectors. The company is a unique BPO where more than 60% of the employees are differently abled.

FUNDING CHALLENGE: Vindhya needed gap financing to bridge operating expenses during a major government project.

INTELLEGROW LOAN: An IntelleGrow loan proved to be a timely infusion and useful in extending the runway before an additional equity raise.