Career & Development

We are a small yet growing team, and seek individuals with an in depth knowledge of financial as well as analytical skills. We harness your knowledge to develop your personal and professional skills and help drive development through our funding in socially and environmentally sound SGBs. Our group as well as company level induction trainings helps you become more accustomed with our amicable work culture, which is brimming with young minds having ideas of knowledge and innovation. With your support, we aim to bring more ideation and imagination in our approach.We are continually committed towards building a sustainable future byfunding the growth of our portfolio companies.

Being a pioneer in the unsecured lending in the MSME space, we are poised towards the growth of Indian economy. We constantly seek individuals who are passionate to work towards financial inclusion and have a sound understanding of various aspects of credit risk, understands market risk and have the ability to deliver in their capacity. Your skills make us poised for growth. Join us to become a part of our journey which is propelled with high standards for value and reputation for our employees as well as clients. If you share our passion for finance and are to ready to dive deeper in the world of balancing risk and reward, we invite you to join our team.

Our guiding principles are driven by our passion for an equitable and sustainable society, which allow us to lend to multiple business models impacting the people and planet while generating sustainable economic returns. Join us today, and help drive financial resources towards a sustainable future outlook.

You don’t have to be crazy to work here, we will train you. Please submit your resume and cover letter