About Us


IntelleGrow provides customized debt finance to small and growing businesses in India.

At IntelleGrow, we understand the unique challenges faced by small and growing businesses seeking to create social or environmental impact. We provide accessible and flexible debt, uniquely designed to unlock growth potential.

Most lenders typically engage in traditional collateral-based lending to enterprises operating in established industries, with at least three consecutive years of profitable, audited track record. Existing lenders capable of lending to small businesses are often prohibitively slow and complicated to deal with or impose restrictive conditions, making it difficult for fast growing businesses to secure a loan when they need it most.

IntelleGrow was established to help those enterprises access loans in a transparent way. Since 2010 IntelleGrow has served customers across a range of subsectors and geographies in India. We are registered as a Non-Banking Finance Company.

Target Segment

Early Stage
  • Vintage of business is not limiting factor.
  • Debt repayments mainly from operating cash-flows
High Growth
  • Enterprise growth is typically funded by equity but we bring a non-dilutive alternative for promoters
  • Venture debt, a supplement to equity to fund growth
  • Traditional lenders leave gaps in meeting the credit demand due to lack of collateral and business vintage
  • Large under-served market
High Risk
  • Hard collateral not a limiting factor or
  • Take higher risk than traditional lenders
  • Price the risk; use structuring to de-risk